Should You Buy A New Or Second-Hand Record Player

retro record player standWhen buying a record player, I highly suggest purchasing a brand new one. More often than not, second hand turntables may have been damaged or have some kind of defect that may not be noticeable at first. Over time, you may notice that certain parts of certain records may have ‘skips’ when listening to them. This is because every groove on a record album is different in size and width.

Depending on the quality of the stylus and cartridge, some may not be equipped as well to handle certain records, particularly if they’re damaged or defective. You could, arguably, just buy a new stylus and cartridge to replace the old, defective ones but that also requires forking out additional cash. Plus, what’s the guarantee that those are the only parts that are defective? You may end up having to switch out even more parts, which may all add up to be even more expensive than a brand new turntable.

When you first shop for a brand new record player, you’ll have to consider the many different parts that actually make up the entire turntable. For instance, you have the cartridge, the stylus needle, the platter, the plinth or base of the turntable, and last but not least, the tonearm itself. The cartridge is usually the most important part of the entire turntable and for good reason. This is the little device that hangs at the end of the tonearm and it holds the stylus in place. This cartridge determines the pressure as well as the sensitivity of the style needles when they ‘scratch’ the surface of the records spinning underneath it.