Unbreakable French Press and 5 Tips You should know

As there are quite a number of different kinds of unbreakable French press available to purchase today. Choosing one that will also make a great tasting cup of coffee could prove somewhat of a problem. It is therefore that you do some research before hand and read as many reviews as you can relating to the various different makes and models.

When it comes to doing your research there are certain features that you should be looking for. Below we take a look at just what some of these should be. By keeping the features in mind that we discuss below you are sure not only of getting a great looking for best french press, but one that can may great tasting coffee as well.

Feature 1 – Look for those that come with come with a handle that you can easily grip and which once the press is fully of coffee and hot water remains stable. Ideally the handle should be of a style that your hand can be placed around comfortably and that allows you to hold it well within the palm of your hand.

Feature 2 – Make sure that the main body of the press is constructed either from glass that is contained within a stainless steel screen. This will help to strengthen the glass and also ensure that it won’t be broken should the French press you purchase be dropped or banged against something.

However, you can also consider purchasing one that the actual main body is made from polycarbonate. This is a very tough material however unlike with traditional style French presses you won’t be able to see the coffee. Yet these ones are worth considering purchasing as these have good insulating qualities so the coffee inside tends to stay warmer for considerably longer than when made in a traditional glass model.

Feature 3 – The base of your unbreakable French press should be of the kind that is made from rubber wherever possible. This will help it to retain a firm grip on the surface where it is stood, plus it will help to prevent the heated liquid inside from burning the surface below.

Feature 4 – When it comes to the size of your French press choose the one that allows you to make enough coffee for you to consume at any one time. Certainly for dinner parties then you should go for one that can make at least 8 cups whilst for personal use a small 2 cup version should suffice.

Feature 5 – Finally you need to look closely at the plunge mechanism of the unbreakable French press. Look for those where the filter at the base of the plunger fits snugly against the sides of the pot. These are the kinds that will ensure that far less of the sediment (coffee grinds) will end up in the liquid that you pour out of it. So ensuring that the coffee as you drink it doesn’t feel too gritty and so detracting from your enjoyment of your drink.

Stainless Steel French Press

With a stainless steel French press you will soon be able to make wonderful tasting coffee for you and your friends time and time again. However, there are certain things that you will need to do to ensure that each cup of coffee you make in yours tastes as great as the first.

Below we offer some tips and tricks that could prove useful and which will help to ensure that you make the perfect cup of coffee. It is worth taking your time over making each pot of coffee as this will further help to ensure that the taste is always great. But what else can one do to ensure that each cup of coffee made using a stainless steel French press is perfect?

Tip 1– To ensure that you make great tasting coffee it is important that you use good quality tasting water. If you can use water from the tap which has been filtered using a water filter attachment on your faucet or through a special water filter jug such as those made by Britta. As you will soon discover the quality of the water that you use will enhance the flavour of the coffee you brew in your French press greatly.

Tip 2 – If you can use beans that are between 3 and 10 days old as anything younger won’t have had enough time to mature and they flavour won’t be so full as you would have hoped. Also avoid using beans that are more than 10 days old as these ones will be starting to go stale and again the taste will differ much more.

Tip 3 – It is much better to grind the coffee beans yourself instead of purchasing them ready ground. Unless you have a store locally that will grind them there and then for you. The problem with purchasing with ready ground coffee is that it may be too fine for putting into your stainless steel French press and they may be much younger or older than we recommend above. By grinding the coffee beans yourself you can ensure that the grinds as extremely coarse so ensuring that far less of them will be able to pass through the plunger filter.

Tip 4 – Make sure that when you pour in the water that you leave at least an inch above for the filter and plunger to be inserted. Putting into too much water can lead to some of it squirting out over the sides if you press down on the plunger too quickly and can lead to you being scalded or burnt.

Tip 5 – To ensure that the flavour of your coffee is as rich and full as possible it is important that you give the coffee grinds plenty of time to seep into the water. Plus whilst the mixture is seeping stir it as this will further enhance the taste of the coffee and is going to ensure that less time is provided for the sediment to settle. Allowing the coffee mixture sufficient time to seep in your stainless steel French press will ensure that a large amount of the essential oils in the coffee grinds is extracted.

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