Ways to keep their homes clean – aromatic for busy mothers

Its capital amounts housecleaning lazy, super lazy that, since then, but also daughter says spring is now. Now an inside job, a husband and children inside, time to clean the house nor as much. So I have a few moves or to keep the house always aromatic – clean – ready living without having to spend too much effort through cleanup. It is important to create a dental routine, then see your projector easily

1. Always buy trash can with a lid, the lid pedal type inflates itself and to the balcony. His home is the type of apartment, balcony adjacent to the kitchen, so I to much trash out there. How to house not smell, visitors see no “junk” in the house.

2. For oil lamp in the bathroom is extremely good way to deodorize, to create a feeling of relaxation when bathing. Oil lamps burning his candle, each day includes only one member of candles alone, about his work on is lit every candle to burn out his staff is complete. Its oils supermarket Daiso copper prices, only 40k / bottle, rather smell like smell.

3. Keep a crate in the room to store old clothes, old clothing, underwear … Generally all disabilities what frequency was wearing dirty linen basket, then tossed it to the weekend to split off one-time cleaning. There are crates, old clothes will not smell suspension on other items, premises nor a towel situation where all in one place.

4. Remove the old map to not mourn. When I was at home with his family, his house too harrowing, because his mother unfortunately also counts for something, think also retained later use, so just hold, hold as much as toys, that is a whopping clutter map afflatus. Its criteria are dropped off, leaving a clean, from water bottles, plastic containers, … If you want to buy one item, I will post Facebook status to go home but his 3-course in the show is already long gone unused. Larger items for sale, then we, on Facebook or zaodich.

5. Do not be afraid to spend money for room sprays, alone or choose to buy the Glade Lavender smells, smells constantly and his replacement are not afraid to spend money on this account. Good room sprays, expensive, will not smell the alcohol, aromatic long, of which amount, Mom! I was not diligent, they must diligently cleaning spray for the room always smells fresh.

6. Choose thin fabric curtains, choose fabric type redundancy, but thin, smooth surface, so less dust than, choose bright colors but avoid creamy, white home with all kinds of pillows, bed sheets, Lubricants have to choose a certain color, or less ornate, dark tones. Many eyes will mess pattern, visible light, the dirty, dark too and saw dust. The neutral colors such as purple, blue, orange earth, red earth, I found the best ideas.

7. Cups after eating, whether dining alone or with the whole family has to eat it and then coated to the basin countries. This operation is simple, but it will be very hard to help people wash, do not leave a smell of food waste in the kitchen. When installing water systems, as well as his two heater hose in the sink for hot water used to clean grease rinsed. Without faucet hot and cold, the mother can rebound past a bowl of hot water if no time sink immediately.

8. After combing your hair, grab the hair on the floor immediately to throw it in the trash. Yourself or to a wet paper towel package type only cheap, buy at market huge 10k 1 package to “support” something grabbed by the hair on the floor, wet towels, has a good stick, carefully wrapped hair, cleaner. Wet paper towels are ultra cheap thing efficiency of emergency cleaning. Some corners of your home at the business moved to the closed much dust, use a wet towel to clean sliding sliding through planet: as roof racks, on the back of the television, DVD TV, ….

9. Though nowhere busy weekend then it’s time to also have to clean up their homes. Spends his Saturday afternoon lunch and to do this, including mopping, washing clothesline, cleaning the kitchen, bed-sheets rather curtains, only last week, new month.

Some of their share in cleaning household cleaning, clean themselves very lazy, but afraid to live dirty, or to the adults also have to keep the players should always neat and tidy. An eight-hour working day alone, but the time and pick them up, meals, entertainment, lodging, if not used, “tips” or create routines for the home you and your family will be very disgusting, foul and put the back end of the week The cleaning is lavender. The mother, yet still excellent way to clean up the trouble and effort cleaning sharing yourself with decent Pink Pink Pink


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